Underwater Inspection and ROV

Our commercial WCB certified SCUBA divers and ROV technicians are experienced in conducting marine infrastructure inspections and construction monitoring to ensure that your investments are being protected while environmental responsibilities are met.

Our underwater video with a live top site video feed allows us to work with clients to assess infrastructure in real time. The recordings and photos from dives can be used as part of inspection reports for regulatory commitments or for historical record when budgeting future work.

Infrastructure inspections and maintenance

  • Anode inspections and replacement
  • Chain, shackle and associated hardware inspections
  • Mooring inspections for vessels, barges, can buoys, docks, marinas

Organism Sampling And Identification

  • As built surveys of construction projects below the high water mark

Scientific Research

  • Surveys for important species such as abalone, eelgrass and herring spawn
  • Deep water identification of critical habitat (e.g. glass sponge)
  • Biodiversity indices of macroalgae, invertebrates and vertebrates (e.g. Shannon’s)
  • Eelgrass transplanting
  • Kelp propagation


  • Professional inspection summary reports
  • Edited footage highlighting areas of interest
  • Photo report for applications or historical reference
  • Site maps and spatial layers for use in clients’ GIS
  • Regulatory agency approvals

Tools in our kit include:

  • Snorkel and SCUBA surveys, drop cameras
  • Remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
  • Sonar surveys

Canbuoy zinc inspection and pier habitat impact inspection