NCompas Photo Station Monitoring

The NCompas Photo Station Monitoring (PSM) app was created to attach comments and key metadata to field photos as well as to make repeat photography easier. Photo station monitoring (also called photo point monitoring), is the process of documenting changes in an area of interest over time by taking repeat photographs from a static location and camera angle. In essence, creating a time-lapse of landscape change. The app’s ‘ghosting’ feature allows users to precisely replicate a reference photo, even if users are using different cameras.

For general field work, one of the most vital tasks is attaching comments to photos, indicating what the purpose of the photo is and why the photo is important for reference. The PSM allows the user to collect photos from a mobile device, associate specific data (e.g. comments, bearing, location) with each photo and then sync the collected photos and data directly into the NCompas Media database. The database than allows anyone with the PSM app to view and upload these photos to their own mobile device.

Key Features:

  • Ghosting allows users to replicate photos years apart
  • Associate and record 24 custom data fields with each photo
  • Examples include: Comments, GPS coordinates, water discharge, fish metrics and more.
  • Sync photos and data to the NCompas Media database and share across multiple users
  • Batch upload and organize multiple photos at a time
  • Save hours in the field by having drop down fields that fill in common information

Organism Sampling And Identification

  • Surveys for important species such as abalone and eelgrass
  • Identify forage fish (sand lance, smelt anherring ) spawning areas
  • ID the biodiversity of macroalgae, invertebrates and vertebrates
  • Eelgrass transplanting
  • Kelp propagation

The app is currently available for iOS and Android devices, Windows versions will be available soon. The app integrates completely with NCompas Media database and allows photos and data transmission via Wi-Fi or a cellular phone network.

For more information or to discuss specific project requirements, please contact us

NCompas Photo Station Monitoring App