NCompas Media

NCompas Media is a media management solution that stores and organizes project related photographs, videos and documents. It generates professional and flexible reports that can be viewed, saved and downloaded as a PDF file.
NCompas Media is designed for commercial applications and complex, multi-phase projects that require detailed sorting and filtering capabilities for thousands of photos and documents. Database management is web based so that users can view and organize projects from a web browser anywhere they have an internet connection.

Key Features of NCompas Media:

  • Links field data with a specific project (photographs, videos and documents)
  • Efficient and secure method of storing, organizing and managing project media
  • Easy to implement within an organization and requires no re-arranging of current data structure.
  • Custom data fields associated with each photo – e.g. comments, coordinates, fish metrics and more


  • Collect photos using the Photo Station Monitoring App {link} which can sync photos and data to the NCompas Media database and share across multiple users
  • Each photo can have custom comments, GPS coordinates, water discharge, fish metrics and more.
  • Upload most common digital files you want associated with a particular project
  • Search operators to find photos by key terms (e.g. project name, location) and send them to your mobile device
  • Photo Station Monitoring App {link} auto-populates data fields for each photo as you upload


  • Secure and organize data by assigning user permissions to access
  • Organize and retrieve project information using detailed filtering options (e.g. phase, type, date, location…)
  • Easily produce annotated photo reports that can be drag and dropped into any order
  • Export CSV’s of photo metadata to quickly summarize for analysis (e.g. fish weights by site)
  • Records changes over time with different monitoring station types


  • Data is stored on secure servers accessible via web or can be installed locally on client servers
  • Different levels of photo storage available including retention of RAW photos or other large files
  • Maintain linkage between photos and their associated data.