Freshwater Stock Assessment

Stock assessment is the process of collecting and analyzing information on the population of a particular fishery species. This data is used to predict the effects of harvest, as well as predicting how future catches and changes in regulation may affect the population into the future. In order to sustainably manage fish populations for future generations, fishery managers need a variety of well collected data.
We have extensive experience collecting, analyzing and reporting juvenile and adult fish demographics using a variety of data collection methods. From visual estimates such as snorkel surveys, to implementing fish counting fences and mark recapture studies, we adapt our methods to suit the budget and needs of a particular program.

Because fish, salmon in particular, are integral to First Nations cultures of British Columbia, we strive to work with local indigenous communities to receive traditional knowledge, and offer capacity building opportunities for Nations developing their fisheries management programs. See our First Nations partnerships page for more info

Population Estimation

  • Snorkel Area Under the Curve (AUC), foot, aerial, and SCUBA surveys
  • Electrofishing, pole and beach seining, fence traps
  • Telemetry, electronic counters
  • Coded wire tagging
  • Peterson mark and recapture

Long term monitoring development and infrastructure

  • Habitat suitability assessments
  • Installation of counting stations on streams, rivers and lakes
  • Biosampling

Sockeye Salmon in the Burman River