Custom Environmental Management Software

Following years of experience with various habitat banking projects habitat bank, it became obvious that a great need existed for a reliable system with which to track all habitat banking activities and related documentation. In response to this need, our NCompas Sofware Division designed the NCompas Habitat Bank Tracking Software which tracks and stores all information relating to habitat bank projects.
For proponents, this software is an insurance policy to guarantee that their habitat banking investments are protected by offering a secure, reliable database to organize, submit and store documentation. For regulators it offers a more efficient way of finding habitat bank documents, tracking credit and ensuring that compensation and monitoring obligations are being fulfilled as agreed upon. As the popularity of habitat banking grows in Canada and around the world, DFO has recognized the need for better project tracking and now requires proponents to use a comprehensive tracking system for all habitat banking projects.

Habitat Bank Tracking, a module of the NCompas eTracker, tracks and stores all information relating to habitat bank projects in a transparent way. The software organizes the formal records of all terms, conditions and agreements so that all parties are viewing the correct documents. By storing all documentation, it allows users to refer back to original expectations and anticipated outcomes of a habitat banking project and see the chronology of changes to the most recent agreements. The software offers a simple and quick way to see project withdrawal and deposit transactions by client, project or type of habitat.

Key features of Habitat Bank Tracker

  • Quick summaries of project status, future requirements, account ledger and contacts
  • Data stored on a secure server accessible for all parties via web portal
  • Three distinct user types (Proponent/Regulator/Bank Manager)
  • Bank Manager oversees documentation prior to submission to ensure completeness and quality of submission to facilitate a faster approval process.