Biological consultants



M.C. Wright and Associates Ltd. is a team of Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEP) and technical staff specializing in environmental assessments and habitat restoration in marine and freshwater environments. Located in Nanaimo, British Columbia we service all of Vancouver Island and the British Columbian coastline.


  • Habitat Assessments, mapping and restoration
  • Habitat Banking and Kelp Propagation
  • Regulatory Agency Approvals
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Biological software and mobile apps
  • Geomatics and Orthophotography

For your project we help you identify potential conflicts and constraints and carry it through to technical designs and prescriptions. We look at the state of the environment to understand what biological elements are using the habitat and how they may be potentially affected by a project, both in the marine and freshwater environments.

We are experienced partners in navigation through the regulatory process, due to our strong relationships with First Nations, Federal, Provincial and Municipal agencies as regulators and as clients. We are known for our assessments of projects that consider long term sustainability and the social responsibility that entails.

Our marine unit is equipped with certified divers and ROV operators to help inspect underwater infrastructure or to guide and manage the creation of habitat such as eelgrass beds or kelp propagation for habitat banking or offset. Similarly, our freshwater staff is trained and experienced in environmental construction monitoring, pre-construction salvage efforts, mitigation and sediment/water management techniques, guidance of equipment operators during sensitive projects and post-construction site rehabilitation.

What makes us more efficient is our custom in-house made environmental management software made for mobile devices to streamline the data collection process and ensure transparent, detailed and consistent reporting. With our geomatics unit we can provide the spatial understanding of a project including topographic surveys, ecosystem mapping and aerial photography. M.C. Wright and Associates Ltd. is certified as a Safe Company with the BC Forest Safety Council SAFE Company Program.